The Clark County Health Department is dedicated to controlling the mosquito population of the County.  If you are experiencing a high number of mosquitoes in your area, please call the Clark County Health Department to report areas  having standing water for more than 3 days. Please contact our office with this information at 812-282-7521.

How Are Mosquitoes Treated?

Mosquitoes in Clark County IndianaThe Clark County Health Department is utilizing a number of methods to reduce the mosquito population in Clark County. Staff are currently using a "green" product that does not contain an organophosphate base that could be associated with environmental consequence.  All of the treatments done by the Health Department are larvacides, these are a type of pesticide that prevents the larvae of mosquito from developing into biting adults.  This method is preferred because millions of larvae can be stopped at the breeding site and the breeding site may be eliminated if possible.  The best method for control is source reduction, most homeowners have potential breeding sites on their property and may not realize it, to learn more about mosquito breeding sites click here.

Visit the Indiana State Department of Health for more general information about the status of mosquito populations in Indiana.

Mosquito Surveillance Program

The mosquito control program also includes a surveillance program that monitors where specific types of mosquitoes are found and through testing what diseases they are carrying.  The Clark County Health Department tries to set various traps in each township of the county throughout the mosquito season, the mosquitoes are collected, identified, and tested for diseases.   Although all mosquitoes bite and can be annoying, not all carry disease.  This fact allows the department to treat areas with increased risk (determined by trapping), and use limited pesticide budgets more effectively.  Click on the the general map of treatment areas in Clark County for treatment locations and collection sites.

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